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Birthdate:Feb 19
Location:United States of America
In real life, I am over 40, a career woman, a wife, and a mother to twins born in 2007. I discovered fandom while I was on maternity leave. As soon as I found the Clark/Lex pairing from Smallville, I fell in love with it. I immediately started reading everything I could get my hands on that was rated NC-17. I had to narrow it down somehow, and I'd discovered I liked porn.

About eleven months after discovering fandom, I wrote my first story. For five and a half months, I wrote nothing but Clex. I added Clark/Jason to my roster, at that point. Then, about two months after that, I ventured out of the Smallville fandom altogether. Clex is still my OTP, and I have the feeling it always will be, but I have written in several other fandoms, many other pairings, and even done some crossovers.

The fandoms and pairings I've written are:

Smallville: Clark/Lex and Clark/Jason; I have also done Clark/Whitney and Clark/Lex/Oliver and Clark/Lex/Bruce
Supernatural: Dean/Sam, Gabriel/Sam, & Crowley/Dean; I would like to try Gabriel/Dean, and Crowley/Sam - but haven't, yet.
DCU: Clark/Bruce
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto and Ianto/John; I'd like to try a threesome with these men someday
Star Trek: Reboot: Spock/Kirk; I have also done a Kirk/McCoy
Buffy: Giles/Ethan
Stargate Atlantis: John/Rodney and Ronon/Rodney
Dresden Files: Hendricks/Harry (I'd like to do a number of pairings in this fandom, however)
Anita Blake: Jean-Claude/Asher
White Collar: Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey
The Vampire Diaries: Stefan Salvatore/Elena

Crossovers I've enjoyed doing include: Clark/Dean, Jack/Kirk, Dean/Kirk, and Elliot/Toby (the last pairing is a cross of L&O-SVU and OZ). Although I enjoy reading J2 and Tom/Mike RPS, I've only done one myself.

The gorgeous banner on my main page was made by the very talented ctbn60 for my 41st birthday. Thank you, Carol!

The wonderfully generous lapetite_kiki is allowing me to use her SV mood theme. All credit to her for the creation of the both the mood theme, and the mannips she used to build it. Gorgeous work! Thank you, Kiki!!

I've won my first award. I'm so excited that I made it all the way through the process.
SV 2009 FF Award

I've received a totally unexpected reward, as I don't write much in the Buffy fandom. I do have one pairing I really enjoy, though, and I've done a couple of stories for them. Here's the award:

Considering the tough competition, I was shocked to find out I'd gotten a Runner-Up Award in the World's Finest Fandom:

Woo Hoo! This is the first thing I ever participated in with a fic:
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I am now the Owner of four sites. The first I started is called tentacle_fest - a site dedicated to anything created in Fandom about tentacles. The second comm I started is called superbat_bb, a site for a Superman/Batman Big Bang challenge. I started my third comm called rife28 - Rimming in February, Everyday. It started as a challenge comm, but I've revamped it to be more of an everyday thing. My latest comm is called pegging_place, and is for everything in fandom to do with the kink of pegging. I am a co-mod over at trekfics. I'm also a co-mod at smallvillebbang, and have run the challenge since 2011.

Feel free to use this cool little search engine. If you pick the "everywhere" option, you will search all of LJ. If you pick "my journal" - then it will search my own journal. A third option is 'my friends.' If you select that one, it will search the journals of the people on my flist.

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